About Bunch Recording Services

Bunch Recording Services was started by my Father Lee Bunch in the 1970's. He spent years transferring media in multiple formats from reel to reels, and lp's. He taught me the tricks of the trade. Now, we are picking up where he left off in providing transfers from analog sources to long lasting digital. Our studio is capable of multiple source analog inputs with results in fully mastered digital audio in CD-R or flash drive technology.


  • Cassette to digital transfers with complete remastering.
  • Remastering existing digital media with full studio production value
  • Multitrack recording of small to medium artists and bands
  • Coming soon!! Transfer services for LPs, Reel to Reels, and possibly even 8-Tracks!!

  • We are dedicated to preserving the audio of the formats of the past and converting them to digital formats that will last for centuries. Let us help take that treasured cassette and set it in digital stone remastered in all it's original glory!!

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    Phone: 208-293-7701